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Entrepreneurial Mind,
Cinematic Vision,
Enlightened Being,
Celestial Spirit...

Johan Ospina was born in Armenia, Colombia on December 31, 1987 -- His family's life-changing and brave new journey to North America would arrive 7 years after. Ever since a youth, Johan was a student of the arts and demonstrated immense potential as an ambitious and visionary creative. Studying a wide-range of filmography and growing up during the expanding digital age guided him towards experimenting with evolving technology, a plethora of cameras, gear, and creative software that would feed his passion and allow him to explore his artistic urges. In 2006, shortly after graduating high school, he attended Florida Atlantic University for two years where he obtained crucial knowledge in business. It was in 2009 where he truly realized it was time to manifest destiny and pursue his true aspirations.

This revelation lead Johan to NYC where he studied and graduated in honors from The New York Film Academy in 2010. The years to follow were the phase of a lost starving artist -- a resilient cub growing into a mighty lion in the concrete jungle -- who fought wild adversities and gained true knowledge of self. The great awakening and transcendence into a higher state of consciousness. 

It wasn't until 2012 that Johan was able to vigorously persevere and begin developing a brand, creating his own lane. He established Johan Ospina Photography™ and then gradually paved the way to become a sharp and highly-skilled professional filmmaker, photographer, director, & cinematographer. In 2013, he wrote, produced, and created his first major commercial production with Biggshots featuring Drew Brees -- MVP Quarterback of the New Orleans Saints -- and VFX by Anselm Seherr-Thoss. Subsequently he went on to attain various clients throughout industries such as Mass Appeal x DECON, Biggshots, NFL, Google x NianticLabs, DISQUS, LEVICK, GlobalMusic4Life, NYU Tandon School of Engineering, BeeRoyalty®, and more.

In 2017, Johan is married to his high school sweetheart of 13 years and they are continuing to travel the Earth and create their dream reality. He's been further expanding his portfolio working with numerous brands and talented artists throughout NY / LA / MIA /ATX on a profound diversity of photo shoots, music videos, and short films. In the imminent future with God walking by his side, Johan's first feature motion picture will come to life. Always a supreme advocate of self-mastership, Mr. Ospina will forever continue to build and elevate his craft. Directing Energy and Mastering Light™.

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